As the end of the year approaches, many of us will soon be making holiday preparations.

Are you thinking it’s too late to write your book?

Just below the surface is a sick feeling nagging you because you didn’t get your book written this year?

You had great intentions at the start of this year.

Perhaps you

  • started making notes and gathering material for your book
  • took a motivational teleseminar (okay, maybe loads of these)
  • subscribed to more than one newsletter about writing or blogging
  • attended  a weekend workshop (or two)

But in the swirl of running your business, managing your family, posting to your blog, and trying to keep up with your social media contacts, your book plans slipped down to the bottom of your list and almost out of sight.

I have good news for you. You CAN START the new year strong by getting a kickstart on writing your nonfiction book.


Join me in

Add Author to Your Resume

A 6-week class that begins during the week of January 8th, 2013

offered for only one payment of $397


two convenient payments of $199 each

(Your first payment is made when you register.
The second payment is billed 30 days later.)


There’s no doubt that you are fearful.

Writing a book, whether a print book or ebook, has its share of frustrations and a learning curve.

That’s where having the guidance of a published author of print and ebooks, like me, gives you a decided advantage.


“Before Dr. Brown, I didn’t think I had the skills to write a book.  She taught me her simple system that helped me see that it’s not difficult.

I followed her Book in 90 Days private coaching system, and in 89 days I had my book completed.

Now I’m leveraging Dr. Brown’s knowledge to get it edited and published soon.  I could not have done it so quickly without her.”
Sonya Ramsey
Grow Your Business by the Book

Whether you decide to make your first book an ebook or a print book, in this program I will help you conquer the biggest hurdles to writing a book:

  • overcoming the fear that you can’t do it
  • getting started with your first draft
  • carrying out a doable time management plan

During our six weeks together I will share with you all I know about guiding coaches, bloggers, and entrepreneurs from idea to publication.

As soon as you register, you will be able to download the 7-Step Roadmap to Publishing Success workbook, the companion audio narration for the workbook, a manifesto for aspiring authors, and your publishing roadmap planning sheet. By email you’ll receive a copy of the course schedule and the call-in number. During the week of January 8th, 2013 we will also make an appointment for your initial one-on-one call.


The Course Schedule

During the six week program there will be an intial one-on-one call followed by five 70-minute group calls.

  • Week 1--During the week of January 8, 2013 you and I will talk individually to set your writing goals. Following our call you will receive your customized homework.
  • Week 2 through 6–During these weeks we will have five 70 min. Teleseminar Group Calls on Tuesdays, 7 PM EST (4 PM PST) where you will share your progress or get  a tutorial, get feedback from fellow participants and have time for Q & A.

Week 2–January 15
Week 3–January 22
Week 4–January 29
Week 5–February 5
Week 6–February 12

The content of the tutorials will be tailored to the goals of the group, but will cover choosing your topic and title, making time and space to write, using content you already have, finding your fastest way to finish your rough draft, deciding the anatomy of your chapters, marketing successfully and examining your publication choices, especially how an ebook differs from a print book.

All the calls will be recorded in case you miss a call or want to listen again.



“Dr. Flora Brown was very instrumental in my knowledge and understanding on how to publish my memoir. I was at a loss. Flora’s step by step coaching and personal attention guided me on a path of success and a sense of accomplishment.I am now published and my work is saving lives. I highly recommend Dr.Brown’s expanded insight on book publishing. You won’t be disappointed!”

Dwayne Carl
Out of My Second Closet: I Have AIDS-Get OVA It!


What you can expect

  • This is not a get-rich-quick, nor write-a-book-in-your-sleep program
  • This program is best suited for nonfiction book projects
  • Your first draft will be NOT be perfect (that’s why they call it a ROUGH draft)
  • You will need to commit to your own success
  • You will begin marketing before your book is finished (Yikes! this is scary)
  • By the end of completing your homework you will have an ebook or major progress on your print book
  • Depending on your goals and speed, you may have more work to do after the course ends

This is where I come in. With my guidance you will kickstart your nonfiction ebook or print book by
Valentine’s Day.  After the course ends,  you will continue to have unlimited email support.


Join me in

Add Author to Your Resume

A 6-week class that begins during the week of January 8, 2013

offered for only one payment of $397


two convenient payments of $199 each

(Your first payment is made when you register.
The second payment is billed 30 days later.)




“When I had nearly finished my book’s final draft, Flora Brown sent me the names of about a half dozen synergistic, high-profile individuals she felt I should contact, to ask them to write either my foreword or a testimonial. The best match on that list was Peggy Post, director of The Emily Post Institute, great-granddaughter of Emily Post, and co-author of the 18th edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette; so I approached her first regarding my foreword. After Ms. Post reviewed my draft, she enthusiastically agreed to write the foreword, and it was a glowing one! Thanks to Flora’s initial suggestion, the Post name and reputation are now opening doors to publicize and sell my book.”Lynette M. Smith
Author, How to Write Heartfelt Letters to Treasure: For Special Occasions and Occasions Made Special


Benefits of writing your book now

  • Increase your credibility–becoming an author gives you unquestioned authority overnight
  • Add value to your already superb skills and product
  • Increase your visibility–positioning you with other notables in your field
  • Attract more quality clients
  • Presell your services, working as your 24/7 sales force
  • Give you added revenue streams in your business

but most of all, your book, once published, will

  • transform lives, beginning with yours

For all the many reasons for writing your book, the most compelling one has no dollar value

  • Writing your book gives you the pride and deep satisfaction no other achievement can give.


Greetings from Your Instructor

I felt all of the same fears you have when I began my book, “Color Your Life Happy: Create the Success, Abundance and Inner Joy You Deserve.” At the time I had enjoyed a 40-year career as a college professor and entrepreneur.

I had coauthored two language arts series with two major publishers, but because I was entering a new genre, insecurity and fear set in. I had decided to self-publish, but soon realized that I needed expert help to navigate this process. So I hired a coach who gave me structure, resources and accountability.

I soon discovered that the toughest part of the process was getting my rough draft finished. Once I completed my rough draft, did some editing and turned it over to my editor, I could breathe a sigh of relief. I even took a vacation while the editor did her magic. When I returned, my edited manuscript was waiting for my refining and polishing.

Since then, I’ve published additional books and helped aspiring authors get their books written, marketed and published.
I would love to be your partner on your book writing journey.

Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D.


Your Money Back Guarantee

Your full fee is refundable within the first two weeks of the program if you decide it’s not a good fit for you, or if for any reason I feel I’m not the right fit for your book writing goals. Complete the first two weeks of homework. Then if the program is not satisfactory email me before Monday, January 22, 2013 (the start of the third week) and I’ll refund your full fee. Don’t worry, we’ll part as friends.


“Until I met Flora Brown, my book was just an idea floating around in my head. Flora quickly became my accountability partner to help me set and achieve my weekly writing goals and get my book done. Flora’s vast knowledge of writing and publishing is your roadmap to getting your book out of your head and into print. With Flora’s expertise, encouragement, and support my book is now available on Amazon!

If you have a book in you waiting to get out and want expert guidance, practical tips and resources to being a published author, hire Flora today ”

Gladys M. Anderson, Coach, Author, Speaker
Master the Genie Within: Uncover, Embrace and Celebrate the Real You


Join me in

Add Author to Your Resume

A 6-week class that begins during the week of January 8th, 2013

offered for only one payment of $397


two convenient payments of $199 each

(Your first payment is made when you register.
The second payment is billed 30 days later.)