Calling All Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Authors. Start Keeping the Promise You Made to Yourself You Know... the One About Writing a Book One Day


Writing a book, whether a print book or ebook, has its share of frustrations and a learning curve. That’s where having the guidance of a published author of print and ebooks, like me, gives you a decided advantage.

Why you need to write your book now:

  • Increase your credibility–becoming an author gives you unquestioned authority overnight.
  • Add value to your already superb skills and product.
  • Increase your visibility–positioning you with other notables in your field.
  • Attract more quality clients.
  • Presell your services, working as your 24/7 sales force.
  • Give you added revenue streams in your business – take advantage of Kindle, ebooks and more!

For all the many reasons for writing your book, the most compelling one has no dollar value:
Writing your book gives you the pride and deep satisfaction no other achievement can give.

But most of all, your book, once published, will transform lives, beginning with yours. Isn’t that why you started this journey in the first place?


Madonna Ball

Author of Memories of a Mud Bee

Writing my book was the easy part.   It’s what came next that left me feeling overwhelmed and defeated. At first, I tried going it alone, but the conflicting information found on the internet left me feeling more exasperated than I had when I knew absolutely nothing about the publishing world. I was first referred to Flora Brown over a year ago. I was reluctant to contact her because everything I had read about getting a book published seemed totally unmanageable for a full time teacher and mother of 3 busy children. Frustrated and nowhere closer to seeing my dream come to fruition, I called her.

By the end of our first phone conversation, I knew that I had found the perfect person to help guide me through the challenging, but rewarding process of self-publishing a book. Although it has been a major undertaking, I never felt that meeting my goal was unattainable. Flora instinctively knew when I needed prodding and when I needed time to digest the next task that was put before me. Without her guidance and expertise, I would still be floundering in the unfamiliar waters of publishing. Thank you, Flora for helping me achieve my life-long goal of becoming a published author.
Madonna Ball
Author of Memories of a Mud Bee

Whether you are a coach, entrepreneur, blogger or anyone who desires to become the preeminent authority and celebrity in their field, publishing your book now is exactly how it’s done. Even with all your experience in your niche, there’s no doubt that you are fearful when it comes to getting your book done.That’s OK. I have the perfect solution: The Rockin’ My Book E-Course

Here’s what you can expect
with the Rockin’ My Book E-Course

  • You will begin the rough draft of your print or ebook.
  • You will receive your lessons by email each week.
  • Each lesson will have easy-to-understand instructions and homework.
  • Plan to spend at least one hour a day working on your book.
  • Complete your homework and return it to me before the next lesson.

The Course Syllabus

Week 1–Setting Your Purpose, Topic and Destination

It’s essential to know the purpose behind writing your book because that determines the path you will take.
Before you can start, however you will have to decide on a topic that is right for you and sought after by your readers

Week 2–Planning Your Writing Journey and Packing Your Vehicle

Now that you know where you want to go, we will pack your vehicle and get you comfortable in the driver’s seat.
You will determine the anatomy of your chapters based on the topic and type of book you’ve decided to write.
You will gather the pieces that will fill the chapters and create your working title.

Week 3–Taking Off with the Quickness

With your plans made, map in hand, and a clear picture of where you’re headed, you will write your rough draft fast, using one of the techniques presented in the course.
Everybody’s rough draft sucks. Yours will be no different. That’s why you will write it as fast as possible so you can begin to shape it into something you love.

Week 4–Pulling into Your Destination

By this point you will have your revised rough draft completed.
Depending on your personal goals you will decide where you want to go next.
If you want to continue with a print book you will have to make decisions about
other stages, such as professional editing, proofreading, cover design, and printing options.

If you want to produce an e-book first, you will begin to put the finishing touches on your book and decide whether you want to use it as a downloadable pdf or submit it to Amazon Kindle.

GladysI kept putting on hold my dream of writing a book – until I met Flora Brown

“Until I met Flora Brown, my book was just an idea floating around in my head. Flora quickly became my accountability partner to help me set and achieve my weekly writing goals and get my book done. Flora’s vast knowledge of writing and publishing is your roadmap to getting your book out of your head and into print. With Flora’s expertise, encouragement, and support my book is now available on Amazon!

If you have a book in you waiting to get out and want expert guidance, practical tips and resources to being a published author, hire Flora today!  “

Gladys M. Anderson, Coach, Author, Speaker
Master the Genie Within: Uncover, Embrace and Celebrate the Real You



Conquer your biggest hurdle

Whether you decide to make your first book an ebook or a print book, in this program I will help you conquer the biggest hurdles to writing a book:

  • overcoming the fear that you can’t do it
  • getting started with your first draft
  • carrying out a doable time management plan

During our four weeks together I will share with you all I know about getting your book started.

As soon as you register, you will be able to download the 7-Step Roadmap to Publishing Success workbook, the companion audio narration for the workbook, and a manifesto for aspiring authors. You’ll receive your first lesson immediately.


Let’s get your book rockin’

in the

Rockin’ My Book E-course

offered for only one small payment of $47

This is an on-demand course.
Start as soon as you sign up.


What you can expect

  • This is not a get-rich-quick, nor write-a-book-in-your-sleep program.
  • The course is delivered entirely by email, although I will provide links
    to videos and resources. No teleseminars or webinars.
  • This program is best suited for nonfiction book projects.
  • Your first draft will be NOT be perfect (that’s why they call it a ROUGH draft.)
  • You will need to commit to your own success.
  • You will begin marketing before your book is finished. (Yikes! this is scary)
  • By the end of completing your homework you will have an ebook or major progress on your print book.
  • Depending on your goals and speed, you may have more work to do after the course ends.
  • You will have unlimited email access to me during the course.


Dwayne“Dr. Flora Brown was very instrumental in my knowledge and understanding of how to publish my memoir. I was at a loss. Flora’s step by step coaching and personal attention guided me on a path of success and a sense of accomplishment.I am now published and my work is saving lives. I highly recommend Dr.Brown’s expanded insight on book publishing. You won’t be disappointed!”Dwayne Carl
Out of My Second Closet: I Have AIDS-Get OVA It!


Let’s get your book rockin’

in the

Rockin’ My Book E-course

offered for only one small payment of $47


This is an on-demand course.
Start as soon as you sign up.


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Greetings from Your Instructor

ProPics1-cropped-600x750I felt all of the same fears you have when I began my book, “Color Your Life Happy: Create the Success, Abundance and Inner Joy You Deserve.”
At the time I had enjoyed a 40-year career as a college professor and entrepreneur.
I had coauthored two language arts series with two major publishers, but because I was entering a new genre, insecurity and fear set in. I had decided to self-publish, but soon realized that I needed expert help to navigate this process. So I hired a coach who gave me structure, resources and accountability.

I soon discovered that the toughest part of the process was getting my rough draft finished. Once I completed my rough draft, did some editing and turned it over to my editor, I could breathe a sigh of relief. I even took a vacation while the editor did her magic. When I returned, my edited manuscript was waiting for refining and polishing.

Since then, I’ve published additional books and helped aspiring authors get their books written, marketed, and published.

I would love to be your partner on your book writing journey and watch you move from self-doubt to fearless self-expression.

Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D.



Your Money Back Guarantee

Your full fee is refundable within the first week of the program if you decide it’s not a good fit for you, or if for any reason I feel I’m not the right fit for your book writing goals. Complete the first week of homework. Then if the program is not satisfactory email me before you receive the second lesson (the start of the second week) and I’ll refund your full fee. Don’t worry, we’ll part as friends.